Actually, I have two new canvases that I’m working on. I began the first one shortly after I finished my previous landscape. It sat on the drawing board – quite literally – for a long time after I’d worked out the painstaking perspective, and essentially, created a scene out of thin air, a little bit of spit and some photos. I’ve also started a second painting more recently which is an exercise in reproducing a photo in as much detail as possible. Photo realism or hyper-realism is an impressive thing to behold if you can get it right. I’ve done it before, just not so much in oils. I once forged an old British ten pound note and subsequently fooled myself for years each time I came across it, thinking I’d struck it rich…

We’ll see how well I can pull this one off.

I came to the conclusion that I should probably work on multiple paintings, just due to drying time between layers – stops me being idle.

Click on the gallery below to see the layout sketches as the two canvases currently stand. The New York scene is going to be a bit of a guess – much imagination involved in its creation as I don’t have a specific photo to work from. The Venice scene with the fruit cart is of course closely based on another photo of Bill’s that I liked the look of. Both paintings are very detailed and will probably take me a while to complete. But I’ve started and that’s a feat in itself, let me tell you. The canvas of the Venetian fruit cart is slow going, though I plan to work on it some more tomorrow. Both canvases are currently in the ugly blocking-in stage, so it’s hard to imagine that they will look any good any time soon. But, as ever, watch this space.


Yeah, maybe…

9 thoughts on “New Painting – Street Scenes

        1. Sounds like you’re going great guns – no pun intended – much…!

          It’s as if the world is going through a second puberty. I keep trying to tell myself that things could always be worse, except that’s not a satisfying answer at all. For what it’s worth I am ever grateful to still be here though. 🙂

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