Art on the Brain – Roses and Kisses and Political Flags

  I sometimes ask questions that inspire profound but unexpected trains of thought, and therefore unlocking deep-seated concerns that were probably best left forgotten, but which nevertheless merit further questions and exploration – if anything, because I’m an inquisitive sort. I’m also fiercely political, though I doubt you’d notice from the works of art I […]

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Painting With Butter – The Christian Jequel Technique

I really do enjoy watching this guy paint. His technique is like painting with coloured butter, using only a palette knife and thick paint, and sometimes a finger to sketch out and block in his subjects. Lots of fun. The result is just brilliant, I think, and gives me much food for thought. Although now I’m hankering for some hot buttered toast and tea…

If you do get a chance to watch some of his other painting videos I think you’ll pleasantly entertained. I love his free use of colour in particular.

I’ve been letting my own painterly work dry a little this past weekend, but back to it tomorrow.

Wonky Tower Landscape in Oils

Here’s where I’m at with this landscape painting after just a week. I think it’s been a week since I began – although I find I’m losing track of time. Hours fly past as I concentrate on just one portion of the painting at a time. The sky has now acquired three layers of paint […]

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