The Unwitting Sailor

Taken from this place I’m lifted somewhere high Where no-one can see me With my face stretched Beyond recognition Into a screaming rage. Defunct, immobile and drunk On the pleasure of pain. The cut of endorphins, and agitants; The multitudes within Fighting against the tide Of beingness that consumes me now. I wasn’t going to […]

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Random Thoughts – May 30 2013

With the relaxed attitudes in society these days toward homosexuality, why is it that a person’s sexual preference is still a measure of who they are? Heterosexual people don’t come ‘out’, so why should you if you are gay? What confounds me is why it’s anyone’s business what your sexual leanings or preferences are, and […]

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Oxymoronic Temperance

There comes a point, when you just have to retreat into Nothingness. Empty, devoid of anything like a deflated balloon. The thirst that carries you forward, looking For that oasis in the barren desert of your consciousness; The gaps in between spanning millenia; full of customs That no-one can comprehend or adjust to anymore. I […]

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Haukl  (Hail)   Seven times do you thunder, Seven times do we fall. Yet one among us Is brave enough To give answer. In that moment you Disappear before our very eyes. No longer do you torture us With icy redemption. No longer can you destroy What we have striven to keep. Yet though we […]

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The Ancient Dance

Originally posted on Birchpoet's Blog:
Love still speaks and ever flows, in places where the lamplight glows. It walks in colors through my nights, indigo fires burning bright. Speaking in tongues of beauteous things – harps and crowns and golden rings. Though love lies sleeping, in my dark, it starts such fires, with it’s…

The Watcher

This is a favourite of mine!   The Watcher – I am the face in the darkness that keeps you awake at night, For I glean from your countenance a vision of fear. But there is no malice in my heart; I am fascinated by your need to sleep; To induce yourself into the state […]

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