WPC – Relax

Originally posted on Phi:
There is nothing relaxing about taking a picture of a bee alighting on a flower only to relax for the briefest of moments, if bees are able to relax at all. The relaxation of producing this kind of image only comes afterward when one can exhale and unfreeze all muscles, and…

WPC – Relax #2

Originally posted on Phi:
In the interest of keeping to the theme of this week’s challenge, here’s another not very relaxed but most beautiful of bugs caught between wing-beats. Incidentally I have been chasing the huge yellow and blue Tigertail butterflies all year in the hope of getting a good shot. They dance around in…

A Word a Week Challenge – Castle

This week I’ve decided to take part in Sue’s ‘A Word a Week Challenge’. If you would like to take part and follow the trail, click on the link and follow Sue’s instructions. This week’s word and theme is ‘Castle’. A favourite subject of mine when it comes to photography. When I think castle, I […]

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