Home From Home: Three Urban Landscapes

Originally posted on Phi:
Three very different urban landscapes taken on my travels in recent years, and converted to Oil Paintings. Each place has especial significance for me. Each autobiographical in some way. Trying to capture that sense of personal connection in each painting through use of colour and detail was my objective. Even if…

Unfinished Masterwork

After about six hours work I am letting the digital paint dry, so to speak. The plan was to recreate something of an unfinished masterwork, as if the artist had run out of funds in the middle of the project. The bit I love the most about being an artist, and a visual editor is […]

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The Art of Cheating

  If you’re going to cheat, then be sure to do it well. In fact, do it so well that it becomes an art form in itself. If you contrive and manipulate to create an artistic representation of the world around you that gives you and others pleasure, such as through the medium of photography […]

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