Home From Home: Three Urban Landscapes

Originally posted on Phi:
Three very different urban landscapes taken on my travels in recent years, and converted to Oil Paintings. Each place has especial significance for me. Each autobiographical in some way. Trying to capture that sense of personal connection in each painting through use of colour and detail was my objective. Even if…

How to Art – The Photographer

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“Everyday at a quarter past three I open up a can of tuna and set it on the table. I cut two thick slices of bread that has already begun to stale and put them on a white china plate already set out on the table, and slide it…

Neanderthals, Modern Humans, & Natural Selection

Originally posted on The 79 Percent:
Researchers at the Center for Population Biology, University of California, Davis, published a research paper on 8 November 2016, that sheds new light on the hybridization between modern humans and Neanderthals. Entitled “The Strength of Selection against Neanderthal Introgression,” the study acknowledges the sexual mixing of human and Neanderthal populations…

Mothers and Sons

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I took this shot last year when I took my youngest son to Venice for a few days. To my delight my son, who was only five then, was just as happy to spend our time together shooting street as I was, and was every bit the professional with his iPod…

Beef Kosher

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Shooting pictures of street vendors and food wagons is a recurrent theme for me. I find them and the people inside them, as well as the people queueing up in front of them endlessly fascinating. Washington DC, March 2016.