In the interest of keeping folks interested I am keeping you up to date with my progress on painting.

As previously mentioned in my original post I have been working on a street scene in Venice, having taken inspiration from a photo of my husband’s.

Yesterday, I managed to put in a fair amount of painting hours. I began tidying up the initial drawing. Details get missed and straight lines end up being not so straight when transferring sketches to canvas. Plus, the tracing lines often disappear completely or smudge  into oblivion when paint is applied – I did fix that by painting a thin wash of white acrylic paint over the top. The trick is to have the underlying sketch be visible enough that you know what the hell you’re painting. This is also the reason for blocking-in the painting, so that you have a clear guideline to work with once the sketch lines have been hidden.

I did change tack yesterday however, and decided to re-sketch portions of the painting with more accuracy using a normal colouring pencil. This is, after all, meant to be a photorealistic rendition. The pencil seemed to work well enough over the dried oil paint already on the canvas. It’s also allowed me to mark out lines of dark contrast and really begin to get a feel for the finished product.

The trick with painting is in being able to envisage the final product, for me anyway. Once I can see it and I know how to get there, then I’m quite diligent in my application. Up until yesterday I had been quite overwhelmed by the whole thing, doubting my ability to paint at all. Thankfully, I have remembered how to paint again. I’ve also hit on the right formula of painting medium and thickness of paint to ensure drying time is cut to around three hours – I’m an impatient sort.

How I will now proceed will be to work on small sections of the painting and getting them as near to completion as possible, or at least to a reasonable good first draft stage.

Here’s where I’m at so far with the section that I began working on yesterday:

I shall probably be working on the tiles under the cart today. I began a little segment last night, as you can see in the above image. It’s slow going, as detailed work usually is.

This painting is a long way from done, yet. But I’m pleased with my progress so far.


14 thoughts on “Painting of Fruit Cart – Venice

  1. Just shove a camera on a tripod (where it won’t be jostled) and take a snap every xxxx period.
    Once complete, you have what can even be a movie (sequenced) … certainly a step-by-step record.

    Boom boom~!

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