I had to re-post this, just because it made me laugh, and I thought it deserved another round. I was actually trying to accumulate all of the work I’ve done on this book of mine over the past years, when I came across this piece. Ah, but for the pleasures of getting sidetracked, […]

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The Validity of Humans and Trees

The following piece is another excerpt from my metaphysics book, which I continue to write, although I have now written the first draft of the final chapter. Tuesday 20th June 2017 – 10:49am “Infractions of the heart do occur. It does not take much to realise that your heart beats with every thought. It thrives […]

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Personal Sessions, Frida Khalo and, Art.

Recovering as I am from a mild concussion, (don’t ask…), I thought I’d share and indeed recycle stuff written way back when, as opposed to focussing on writing anything new. Head’s still a little fuzzy, and I’m not supposed to be on the computer. I’ve been going through my archives lately trying to refresh my […]

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How to Art – The Photographer

Originally posted on Raw, Naked Art:
“Everyday at a quarter past three I open up a can of tuna and set it on the table. I cut two thick slices of bread that has already begun to stale and put them on a white china plate already set out on the table, and slide it…

Sunday Tuesday.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 – 9:38am Today feels like a Sunday. Some distant memory of how Sundays used to be when I was a kid: quiet. I like quiet. There is something very comforting about quiet, or at least where ambient sounds are kept to a minimum. As a child, quiet meant that I wasn’t […]

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Tornado Skies and Cherry Pies

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 – 10:31am  The cherry trees outside my window look very pretty with the sun shining through their delicate pink blossoms; everything from pale pink to deep rose. The long webbed shadows of their branches stretch along the street – branch tips gently draped over the base of each successive tree. Pink […]

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