Wot you lookin a’?

What constitutes correct language in not necessarily an adherence to prescriptive norms. Within the english-speaking world alone today there are around 80 different official forms, each with their own distinct lexis, written and spoken grammars and variant dialects. It could be said that many of the intra and cross-cultural differences and divisions amongst speakers of […]

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Scratch n’sniff Icebergs

I’m re-posting this piece in light of an ensuing discussion about language that my previous post has sparked. I want to highlight that any notion of truth validated by linguistic exchange is vague at best and relies on mutual trust within a given social group, be they a body of scientists, or you and me […]

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You turn a shadow into human form, And expect her to forget. To grow with wisdom through her life, If only to remember. I understand this paradigm, This condition of the genes, That manifests such narrow minds, That are haunted by our dreams. We head for home Through fog and dark, Not knowing where This […]

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Staking your claim as an individual should not be an affirmation of isolation. The only danger to you in the world is you and your worst thoughts. You shield yourself not from outside dangers, but from the scope of your imagination and what you fear you might project, or create within yourself. Being in control of your thoughts and accepting them for what they are, then releasing them allows you to expand and grow in the way that you are meant to. Harbouring fear is where all the ‘trouble’ begins. Let it go, take a breath and move on.

Joseph 20:20:20


Between the colours of the introverted Double-spaced cantilevered pages The Muse plays her Lyria Untangling sound from sinuous words Though unspoken, yet by the voice of time, Alive with the wakeful abstinence Of intent long ago placed in their Energetic and resplendent composure. The music of a nectar-filled kiss Touched upon the wings of a […]

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