My New Friends

I often sit out on my balcony to have my morning coffee, and water the few pots that I have. I realised it had been a few days since I’d watered any of my plants, with Bill’s daisies looking very limp. I have a basil plant too, which if you’ve ever grown basil you will […]

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Mothers and Sons

Originally posted on Phi:
I took this shot last year when I took my youngest son to Venice for a few days. To my delight my son, who was only five then, was just as happy to spend our time together shooting street as I was, and was every bit the professional with his iPod…

Beef Kosher

Originally posted on Phi:
Shooting pictures of street vendors and food wagons is a recurrent theme for me. I find them and the people inside them, as well as the people queueing up in front of them endlessly fascinating. Washington DC, March 2016.