Some here may or may not remember my starting this painting two years ago. It began as an experiment in photorealism, and to see whether I could do it or not. It was a daunting challenge to begin with, and progress was often slow. Last year at the beginning of this pandemic and my year-long quarantine, I decided to dedicate my time to this painting, and treated it like a full-time job. I got a lot done in that time, but painting exhaustion eventually took over and I put it back on the shelf for almost another year.

I’ve produced a lot of paintings since then, and many of them can be classed, if not photorealistic, then at the very least, hyperrealistic. Therefore, proving to myself that I was more than capable of achieving that part of the challenge. The other part of the challenge was in actually finishing what had become a rather epic Venetian painting odyssey, with it’s meticulous and equally ridiculous attention to detail. I like detail, I suppose. This time, however, when I set it atop the easel I intended to finish it. Armed with tons more painting experience, and rather more confidence than when I began, I knew that it would take me another couple of weeks to complete. It took less a little less than that. I just wanted to get it done, so much of my anal attention to detail vanished somewhat, at least in terms of getting logos and lettering exact. I’m not a human printer, I’m an artist, and therefore, I believe that paintings should have a painterly quality about them, which means adding that ingredient of hyperreality or unreality and making that snapshot of life seem more than it was when the original photo was taken.

Peekaboo Nan peering out from an upstairs window of the yellow house. Added at the last minute at my Husband’s request. She adds further character, I think.

It’s too soon for me to know whether I did a good job or not. I’m my own worst critic, as most artists across all fields tend to be. I’m the one who spent hour after hour, week after week, month after month putting my heart and soul into this thing, and so, all I see are the flaws and what I could have done better. It is what it is however, and very much time to move on, let it dry and hang it up somewhere as testament to my intensive training in using oils. I do believe I’ve qualified now though. 😉

6 thoughts on “Delivery at Ponte Loredan – A Venetian Odyssey

    1. Hey, friend! It’s great to hear from you. I hope the universe is treating you well. Better at the very least. I was thinking about you just this morning.

      Thank you most kindly for your words of encouragement, you are most generous!
      The painting only became fun towards the end once all the patches of white canvas had finally been covered. 🙂


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