Track B – (The Art of Street Photography) – The Art of Composition, and the Composition of Art. Part 2.

Originally posted on Raw, Naked Art:
The Real Versus the Almost Real ? In our development of this series me and Bill have discussed at great length what makes Street Photography an art form, it is in fact what inspired the series to begin with. We drew the conclusion then, that in order to appreciate…


I’m a bit rattled this morning, having had not very much sleep. My daughter had gone into meltdown when she realised that non-school uniform day was tomorrow, not today. So I was awoken from my dream-filled slumber by my phone buzzing urgently, the familiar buzz ascribed to one person alone in my contacts list, and […]

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Life can be a stupidly peculiar old thing. It never ceases to surprise me. The assholes of the world are somehow absolved from time to time by a never ending streak of creativity that cracks at the air like a bull-whip when you least expect it, sending you either teetering on the brink of some […]

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