Here’s where I’m at with this landscape painting after just a week. I think it’s been a week since I began – although I find I’m losing track of time. Hours fly past as I concentrate on just one portion of the painting at a time. The sky has now acquired three layers of paint in order to give it the depth that the original photo conveys, although the nuances are somewhat lost in the above iPhone shot. Hopefully my pics of the cloud detail in the gallery below will do them more justice. The clouds were fun to paint after absorbing several hours of YouTube video tutorials on painting clouds and sky. The building, not so much. I’m struggling to get the tones right, although layering thin glazes of colour is the objective here in order to create a sense of luminosity and depth – in theory. As I said in my previous post, I’m relatively new to oils and so, this is proving to be an interesting learning curve. I’m not loving what I’m doing right now, however, it is relatively experimental at this point and I know that only through perseverance will I achieve any kind of confidence with this medium. I’ll get there.

The drying time in between layers is not something I’m used to, although given how easily I am distracted by the merest thing, it probably makes little difference!

Here’s a few pics showing my process and my progress so far – still very much at the blocking in and modelling stage. Long way to go yet…

8 thoughts on “Wonky Tower Landscape in Oils

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂 I wish I could say I was enjoying doing it but the truth is it’s a challenge, although I am glad that I’ve finally hurdled the fear of using oils. I still prefer painting abstracts in oils – a lot less prep involved!

      It’s never too late to learn though, John – with the painting. 😉

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    1. Thank you, Argus!

      I’m quite convinced though, that art always looks better to other people than the artists themselves, and perhaps that is how it should be.
      You know how it is: stare at something long enough and you’ll want to kill it! That’s kind of where I’m getting at with this painting. Good thing I’m having to wait for yet another layer to dry before continuing. Maybe I’ll like it better in a few days. 🙂


      1. Hah! That’s why I try not to focus on the town mayor when I come across him in the park …

        You know, of course, that when it’s finished you’ll hate it—and maybe even Hubby will have to move fast to save it? (Married to an artist—been there done that!)

        To me it’s looking really great and I await completion … twitch twitch wag wag wag

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        1. Well, thank you once again, Argie, for the vote of confidence. You’re right however, it’ll probably take me a while for me to like this painting once finished. I shall be sick of the sight of it by that point. No doubt I shall cleanse my ocular palette by starting on something new – got a few ideas on the go… 😉


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