Sunset Watercolours

I have a number of painting projects on the go to take me through most of this year, I should imagine. In between commissions and larger personal projects, I like to do these often quick, whimsical pieces. Here’s a couple of recent watercolours done in one sitting a piece. It’s good to exercise the imagination […]

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Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach

  Yesterday I said I would try something a little different, by way of giving myself a break from working on my son’s portrait. Much more impressionistic and looser in style, I decided I would recreate one of my digital paintings in oil. I’ve been wanting to practise painting skies and clouds for some time […]

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Winging it. And some more art.

Happy Monday…to all. It is Monday, right? I don’t know. Every day merges into one. Besides, the day of the week has been irrelevant since I stepped into retirement some years back. Some things just stop being important, and it’s amazing just how quickly you let those things go. Including alarm clocks. Especially alarm clocks… […]

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New Painting – Old Church at Alfriston

I’ve started on a new painting after fiddling about with another photograph from the archives, again taken during my eight day trek along the South Downs Way back in 2009, and which straddles its way across three counties in the south of England. It’s an image of St. Andrew’s Church in the ancient East Sussex […]

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Painting With Butter – The Christian Jequel Technique

I really do enjoy watching this guy paint. His technique is like painting with coloured butter, using only a palette knife and thick paint, and sometimes a finger to sketch out and block in his subjects. Lots of fun. The result is just brilliant, I think, and gives me much food for thought. Although now I’m hankering for some hot buttered toast and tea…

If you do get a chance to watch some of his other painting videos I think you’ll pleasantly entertained. I love his free use of colour in particular.

I’ve been letting my own painterly work dry a little this past weekend, but back to it tomorrow.