Washington DC

I have and I will have not.

Cometh the man who makes

Not of his own will, but courses

Through life as a testament

Of contrariness.

There is One whom shall rise

As a force beyond reckoning,

That all may know as residing

Within, the One who knows

Every name printed upon

Every soul. This One is not

You, or he, or she, but All,

As unisoned voice, as

Spell-bound heart, as spirit that

Creates the heavens above,

And the bright fires below.

This One now steps forth

To greet the tides and hail

The winds; to masquerade no more

As false Messiah. No King,

Is he, or she, or it.

No title to adorn such worthiness

As this One permits.

To every John, and Noah,

And lowly shepherd,

The One will call from the deep,

In gutteral, raw and untempered

Tones, spilling forth to colour

New lands, and skies, and

Shades of faith.

To bring peace in tempered form,

And to anoint each with the charge

Of their own Being.

This One knows you,

Step up, stand, and whisper

Your name upon the breeze,

That it may spread

And be heard by All.

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