Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb

Whose fleece was white as snow,

And wherever little Mary went,

Her lamb was sure to go.

But then her little sheep was shot

And taken for its wool,

Now Mary is alone again,

And feeling like a fool.

Away to town she would next day,

To buy a brand new lamb,

But on her way she tripped and fell,

And was bundled into a van.

For hours she sat in pungent dark,

Not knowing what she’d done,

Had her little lamb been bugged,

Or had she jumped the gun?

Fearing she’d been compromised

She soon began to cry,

Her shepherd days were over now,

Her only recourse, to lie.

She’d tell them what they’d want to hear,

And hope for quick release,

Her innocence intact once more,

And identity white as fleece.

The moral of the story is,

Keep your big mouth shut!

Subversive little sheep who stray,

Are destined to be cut!

6 thoughts on “Mary Had a Little Lamb

        1. You can never think too little apparently, you never know who’s lurking these days. Errant parents, big brothers, sheep snatchers. Suffice to say that nothing is truly sacred, so the only way to relieve the pressure sometimes is to be subversively funny. Nothing wrong with a good laugh is there?


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