Ceramic mugs featuring my fine art prints.

On the advice and suggestions of certain enthusiastic souls  – and much thanks to them, I have spent the whole morning and early afternoon preparing listings for a new line of collectable ceramic mugs featuring some of my art prints. I have more in the pipeline, but it’s a start!

What do you reckon?

Have a beak at them yourself, and if you feel the urge… Etsy.com/Shop/LittleFriedaMouse

Suggestions are always most welcome. Let me know which of the above is your favourite.

I hope everyone’s having a fine day. I’m almost in a good mood… 😀


4 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea Anyone?

  1. Wow~!
    No wonder you’ve been so quiet for so long. That is one very impressive and delighting collection! Here’s hoping, Ma’am, that you do wonderfully well—and you should ‘cos folks need cheersome stuff at this time … go get’em, Tiger!

    Liked by 1 person

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