I realise it might be time to stop mucking about and put my money where my mouth is. I’ve become relatively comfortable sitting on the impartial fence watching and participating in the odd debate, that if I’m honest has very little bearing if any on my beliefs. As a reflection of who I am as a human being such debates are interesting in terms of reflecting on my own apparent limitations. I know that my beliefs differ from that of most, not all, for there are those bloggers out there who understand me with utter clarity as I them.
My apprehension about putting my head on the block is a knee-jerk reaction that is merely an already life-long ingrained habit, but it does not in any way betray doubt on my part when it comes to what I believe, this I have come to realise through my experiences with WP since I began actively participating back in February this year.

I don’t fear being told that I am wrong, oddly my fear is in not being able to respond intelligently and truthfully in keeping with my beliefs. I fear betraying myself in order to maintain the status quo and not lose face. But to that, really it’s a case of so what? I really have nothing to lose in all reality, nothing I do not choose to be without.

For the record, I believe that we all create our own realities, and I mean literally. It’s not some fanciful notion that I’ve dreamt up in my tiny little esoteric head. I talk to and draw dead people, I have premonitions, I read people’s emotions and intents, all things that are indeed very real to me and verifiable enough for the scientists among you to begin scratching your heads.
I am not an atheist, neither am I a theist. In fact I’m not anything that you can label. I rely on and trust what I perceive with every fibre of my being, and perhaps that’s what makes me unusual. I get that my confidence may come across as arrogance, but again, so what? If it bothers you, then you have something to address in the way that you respond to others right? Also I don’t take myself too seriously, humour is an amazing release when you’re as uptight as I am at times.

I am the first to examine my limitations when they arise. I learned long ago that allowing your limitations to define you for any length of time only serves to stunt growth, and cause unhappiness. It’s not good for your health, and thus the health of the reality you create. So I spend much of my time focussing on the areas of my life that need the most growth and I am pushing my beliefs constantly in order to find a more beneficial angle, and a better state of wellbeing, inwardly and outwardly. In short I use my own misgivings to my advantage until they no longer cause me headache. I see it as a highly creative process that does not come with an instruction manual, but is a subtle give and take from moment to moment based on the energies and the emotions that colour my view of life.

I don’t try to restore balance, as I believe that everything is already balanced, beautifully synchronised and exactly as it should be. To go against that would be to contradict my belief that I create my own reality, and everyone and everything in it. But my view of ‘I’ is a lot more all-encompassing than just this current physical manifestation of me, that none of you can actually see anyway. If anything, through the medium of virtual media you have access to a more pervasive me because you are not hampered by the usual limiting perceptions that would be apparent were we face to face.

Actually trying to intellectualise any of this is like wrestling with a ball of yarn, suffice to say that limitations will always exist in one form or another, but as a good friend frequently reminds me making way for better conversation is a good thing. I agree. There is always a different point of view that might yield more beneficial results than that of tried and tested already limiting populist belief.

I’ve learned that discomfort is a sign of learning and of progress. Short sharp bursts of it is good for you, and worth seeing through in order to gain fresh perspective. Just like training a muscle to be stronger, first it has to be torn into shape, which causes discomfort, sometimes pain, but the result is a stronger muscle that even when not in use will retain the memory of the new function. So our minds are like that, they need to be stretched to the point of discomfort in order for new ideas to take shape, and for fresher more engaging and creative perspectives to be manifest in our sphere of experience.

As you all are a reflection and a manifestation, a version of me if you like from my perspective, then so I am of you. It’s a humbling perspective to have, it really makes you look at who you are. Also the result is that I find it difficult not to be accepting of others.
I’m looking forward to engaging in a conversation that really stretches my current boundaries and presents me with something new, I have come close, but so few have challenged me in this way. Am I really that different to you?


This post is published in conjunction with my post on my other blog:

The Daily Channel – One, Two, Tree…

33 thoughts on “…Four, Five, Styx

  1. I am a bit confused with this post…
    Your opening gambit suggests you have been sort of neural or at least not coming out and telling it like it is, and then the only point I can figure out is where you say we all create out own realities.
    Or is the thrust the last paragraph where you ask for a topic to really rev you up? πŸ˜‰
    I am feeling bushed today so maybe I’m missing something..Please enlighten, my brain seems like mashed potato.


    1. I’m telling you after the conversation I had last night and then again this morning with one fellow by the name of Archaeopteryx over of Mak’s blog, my brain too is like mashed tatties!
      Neural as you say rather than neutral… yes probably πŸ™‚
      Who knows, it’s just how it came out, didn’t give it a huge amount of thought. Apparently!
      But generally it is true that I don’t fully engage as me but rather tend to play along which is immense fun as it is. Whenever I’ve broached anything vaguely resembling what I actually believe with both atheist and theist communities it tends to be met with sharp barbs and much stick. So I leave it out generally. But maybe I just won’t from now on. It would be doing myself a disservice, and as I’ve been harking on about the self-preservationists out there as being somehow a bit of a cop-out bunch, then I should stop being such a hypocrite.


      1. Ah…so what you’re saying is that, in actual fact,you are as mental as the rest of us, and you have merely been pretending to be normal.
        Fair enough…no probs.
        So can we expect the floodgates of lunacy to open any time? πŸ˜‰


        1. Who knows, depends what I feel like on the day I guess. But yes, as mental as the rest of you for sure πŸ™‚
          I think now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, then maybe I won’t mind being bashed over the head with some irrational rationalism! hehe


          1. That was an error as I should have excluded myself from that generalismismsism. Thing.
            I am as sane as the next bloke. Which as it happens is John Z. Actually, as he’s Australian,I have yet to decide if this is a good thing or not.


            1. Funny that Mr. Zande should be such a cornerstone of rationality for so many. Must be the hat, and the Aussie no messing attitude that he has. You can hide a lot under a hat, if you’re clever.


              1. He bought a copy of my first book so I have to say nice things about him in case he never buys another one. Besides he laughed over it which shows he has excellent taste or he is a nuts as me.
                And he lurks, too….


                1. Yeah he’s a good lurker, like getting blood out of a stone sometimes, and other times there’s no shutting him up. But he is entertaining, and I agree that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you… well sometimes…


  2. Always good to know another non-atheist-non-theist. I don’t believe anything I haven’t learned for myself, so you could say I believe more in myself than anything else. You may call me a “Googlist” … hehehehe.

    Trust is not something I am good at and I accept people for who they are..not for what they believe. If their beliefs are different, then good for them…as long as they don’t judge me for my beliefs and start attacking me for it or try to “save” me. That irritates the hell out of me. πŸ˜‰

    As for the manifestations and realities out there, I still have a lot to learn and feel it’s an ongoing process. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for sharing Ish. Very insightful indeed. πŸ™‚ *big hugs*


    1. Self reliance when it comes to beliefs is key to me too. And you’re right it is to do with trust, or lack thereof. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and much that left a huge amount to be desired. But I think I’m wiser and stronger for it, because I know that my beliefs are my own. I too can be quite defensive when it comes to others ramming their beliefs down my neck. People can choose to take me or leave me for all I care, at the end of the day it’s me that has to live with me, so I know I’d better make a good job of it, as difficult as it can be at times πŸ™‚

      I don’t doubt all the manifestations and other realities out there anymore, doubting is exhausting when I live it constantly. Just creates unnecessary stress. I am not responsible for everyone else, just what I believe about everyone else.

      Thank you for reading Sophia πŸ™‚
      Hugs back!


      1. That’s a fact Ish. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger for sure…and wiser. πŸ˜€ I totally agree…and I can’t stand people who just “tolerate” me. I can live without those in my life for sure. I like myself the way I am and the ones that don’t must just move on.

        Doubting is a negative emotion and no one needs it and you are right, it does cause stress. Stress that’s not good for the mind or the soul.

        You said it.. we are only responsible for ourselves and what I believe about everyone else..or should I say 95% of the population is not good so I would keep that to myself. πŸ˜†


          1. Oh believe me, I am very opiniated and very judgemental too. I do prefer nature and the animal kingdom my dear. Most humans just tend to rub me up the wrong way and the less I see of them, the better. πŸ˜†


            1. I guess I don’t have much time for physical people, as there aren’t many in my life apart from my family and the odd passing bod. But then there are all the virtual people that fill my life daily, not to mention all the other types! lol πŸ™‚
              If you can’t beat them.. pfft.. what to do?


              1. Same here and please don’t start on the virtual folks. If my screens had hair that I could pull out it would be bald by now. πŸ˜†
                If you can’t beat them… get even! πŸ˜€


                1. My screen is just covered in spit where I curse very loudly through gritted teeth at some folk (I know disgusting but true, the spit part… oddly seems to be the theme of the day… spit…ewww!) :/
                  Getting even is fun, until it gets boring πŸ˜€


                  1. I don’t have any spit left and learned a few new swear words and you don’t want to hear them in Afrikaans. πŸ˜†

                    I don’t do boring either. When it gets boring, I switch over to “unfollow”, “ignore” and “delete”. πŸ˜€


                    1. I’m very fussy with my follows, and I also switch over if things get dull. The air turns blue when I get stuck in though πŸ˜€


  3. Interesting post. Read your comments too. Could it be you get sticks and pokes b/c that rarified group is not aware of any signals from the beyond so they think them fantasy? I just had it out with a virulent racist on someone else’s blog, who was chock full of every stereotype around…something I never do…. but I also realize how people can think their experience in life is the universe. And where ever he lives, he probably sees what he is pointing out, only he tried to use that to make points about my life. Wrooooong.

    I’m about as far outside his painting of it, as they come. I went there today but I don’t get into reality olympics b/c most people who attack you with their view are settled and in no condition to be handed a different pill. It’s like telling a kid there is no Santa Klaus. They will attack you and hear nothing.

    I know you enjoy debate so the exercise of it is fun. I find it pointless most of the time because a change of mind has to be accompanied with much more than my words for a shift to happen.

    Carry tons of band-aids.


    1. No exactly which is why I sit on the fence much of the time and tolerate the odd errant remark. Most of the people I associate with here on WP tend to be of a like mind, more or less. Some of course like you know exactly where I’m coming from, which is always a breath of fresh air.
      However, I am also of the mind that nothing happens by accident, so if I’m saying something to someone it’s because they need to hear it no matter how long it takes them to get to grips with that, the same applies in the reverse to me. For the most part though, I like to think I am aware of that. But as you say, not everyone is attuned in that way. I trust that my actions are valid in whatever way they may be, and that they serve a purpose, and as my intent is always of a positive vibe, then where’s the harm?
      Change takes as long as it takes right?

      Do you feel like you got anything out of your little sparring match? πŸ™‚


      1. The thing is that, some people hold onto their view til death because it gives them comfort and empowers them. I read this pretty controversial book which I won’t name, doing so as research for a screenplay.

        This guy heads a movement that has been built upon since in the nationalist community, but I was curious, what he thought as an aged man. Then I read this letter he wrote before his death and realize – wow he went to death with that.

        The shifts in society before his eyes turned the hate not just on minorities but his own. It blew me away, but it also taught me something about change. Everyone isn’t going to, on this side (reference about death).

        So I think your actions are valid, and ultimately it’s how you feel about the exchange. Also sometimes the exchange is for you, waking something inside you, lifting it, giving it wings. But change, powerful shifts, I think happens in a multilayered way.

        Still you never know who could happen across the exchange or where your words may land (be received), life is funny hat way. So the effort may not be lost. It’s just so much of the time, on the big issues, people go right on standing, maybe, forever.

        It’s out of our hands.

        I did get something out of the sparring match, more hurt to know the characters I have created from research still live, collecting data to carry the torch of blame and hate. And encouragement to not soften it’s presentation, as the characterization is still based in reality.

        Couple of years didn’t change….anything. 😦

        Anyway, glad to be that breath of fresh air. Glad there are those who are that in my world too, for balance. Lol. πŸ™‚


        1. I guess it takes some souls lifetimes to sort through their shit, until the penny drops and they stop being so destructive not only to themselves, but to others. You are quite right though in saying there is always something to be gained even from the most controversial experiences and encounters, an opportunity for growth that if you can recognise it can lift you up to a new level of understanding and awareness.

          The world is built on smoke-screens and lies, things people tell themselves to feed the self-preservationist in them. We all do it to one extent or another. All our actions are connected, so therefore we all carry a level of responsibility for what we encounter, whether we can actively change anything by participating is open to debate in terms of what you expect to see maybe. But that things will change, and for the better, eventually, I have no doubt. Though because of the diversity in the world, there will always be someone that loses out.
          What you feel in any given moment is key, and how you react to situations is the make or break in whether you learn what you need to learn I guess. πŸ™‚


  4. Of course we create our own realities… every decision increases the probability one events XYZ happening, while diminishing the chances of ABC. The trick is in speeding up the process until you can alter reality in the moment. I’d like to achieve that πŸ˜‰


    1. Me too. Actually I believe it’s a case of developing the awareness that you are already doing it, that’s where I want to get to. At times I’ve got glimpses of the kind of synchronicity, it’s bit mind boggling, probably why I don’t catch myself doing it too often! πŸ˜‰


          1. Impressed me when i read it. Bach had some excellent books. I was well and truly into his works/thoughts before Roberts came along. One seemed to compliment the other quite nicely.


            1. me too, that way around. Khalil Gibran was another that resonated with me. I read Edgar Cayce too, but mainly because he was referenced a fair bit in the earlier Seth books. Interesting stuff, but the whole thing about the Akashic records didn’t really ring my bell, although I do love the idea of an inner subconscious library being accessible at all times as per Jane Roberts, I find that quite an exciting thought.
              The other Bach book that I loved was ‘One’.


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