Scratch n’sniff Icebergs

I’m re-posting this piece in light of an ensuing discussion about language that my previous post has sparked. I want to highlight that any notion of truth validated by linguistic exchange is vague at best and relies on mutual trust within a given social group, be they a body of scientists, or you and me […]

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…Four, Five, Styx

I realise it might be time to stop mucking about and put my money where my mouth is. I’ve become relatively comfortable sitting on the impartial fence watching and participating in the odd debate, that if I’m honest has very little bearing if any on my beliefs. As a reflection of who I am as […]

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In a ‘Universe’ where everything exists simultaneously, doubt is what drives change and gives us the illusion of choice and of linear continuity, or ‘Time’. Because everything is simultaneous, nothing happens by accident.

Inspired by my very wise friend and fellow blogger Argus [a.k.a. The Dog] 🙂

The only person I’ve met in a very long while who thinks like me… and believe me that’s worth noting… it doesn’t happen often let me tell you! [Note to Dog: I know my comparing myself to you at all may rub your fur up the wrong way and may make your little paws a bit clammy, but you’ll get over it… because I am the O’Grumpy One and I say so]


Did I dream this day would ever come? The synchronicity of life in all it’s splendour. Like a great pinball machine one ping after another Of relevant, tangible occurrences that drive me to wakefulness And a feeling of pure joy and excited charge, Within my very core; an indelible smile across my face. Is my […]

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A Passing Thought

A Passing Thought     If all words could be heard, You’d hear mine, Tickling your ears And making you laugh.   If all thoughts could be seen, You’d see mine, Waving hello When you walked through the door.   If all emotions could be felt, You’d feel mine, Smiling for you And giving you […]

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Wind   Wind passes my ears; I feel its breath touch my soul; Whispering tenderness Through the eves of an apple tree As leaves float down to kiss The earth. Through kaleidoscope Breaks of waltzing clouds, A mosaic of sunbeams Caresses my skin; Riding a carriage of swirling Currents and orange light, As sighing gusts […]

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Flesh and Faith

Flesh and Faith Of saints and marching men, The law-abiding tomes, And subscribers of faith. Flesh be blessed, And faith be atoned. Here within lies Secret’s quest; Your journey’s end, And heart’s rejoice. A gift bestowed Upon your soul, To heal thee well, And make you whole. Be well, and be aware. Make blessed Your […]

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The Tree Gods

The Tree Gods – Tall trees think your answers up into the skies Where clouds form full and thunderous above your wise leaves And the living libraries of your sturdy trunks; with deep roots Reaching far down into the psyche of the earth and all that is. Synaptic charges ricochet from earth to sky through […]

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