wordpress-family-awardMy very good  friend and fellow WordPress blogger Steve Rebus, author of iChristian very kindly nominated me for the above award recently. My first WP award and I feel extremely honoured to have been paid this wonderful compliment, especially by someone who has been so generous with his time in stopping by and reading my work almost daily. Even on the quietest of days, there is always a light 🙂 I deeply appreciate the support and the camaraderie that I have experienced within the WordPress community, with hopes that it may continue for a long while to come.

However, being nominated for this award has caused me a little consternation which is why it has taken me so long to mention it here. Part of accepting the award is to nominate ten other fellow bloggers whom I admire and who I would like to receive this award too. But I can’t do that. I couldn’t nominate just ten, I would have to nominate all the wonderful and amazing people who visit my blogs regularly, many of whom I have become good friends with. Also some of whom I know would have reservations in accepting my nomination. So to all of my fellow bloggers and friends who take the time to visit I would like to say that I appreciate you all more than you could ever know, and you have my continued support and friendship. You’re all bloody marvellous!

To Steve Rebus I would like to say that I would re-nominate you for this award in a heartbeat, you are truly awesome my friend and my online brother!


12 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award – Yay I got an award!

          1. Why miss? You gave it up? Your voice is positively beautiful. You must return at some point. Plus the other gift you have which complements it…


            1. Unfortunately I don’t really get the opportunity to sing and play at home. My three children and the day to day goings on take up most of my energy and concentration. I’ve also been focussing a lot on other skills and interests, like my writing and art, trying to run a jewellery making business (not so successfully!). So music has taken a back seat for a while. But like with everything, I’m sure I’ll get back to it some day 🙂


              1. Ohhhh. Right. Hmmm, yes, totally understood. Three children is a handful.

                Ah, Im trying to run a business as well, it’s really difficult (and I don’t even have children). Hmmm, well you have a musical gift, it’s not going away. I believe you can always return to it. 🙂 How old are your children?


                1. My children are 3, 6 and 9.
                  I’ve discovered that I have more of a passion for writing than I do for running a business, or at least running a jewellery business,no matter how much I have tried to get myself in that mindset. Also I’ve made very little from it, so I’ve gravitated back to writing again, which is something I haven’t done in ernest for many years. It’s great to revel in the magic of words again.
                  What is the business that you run?
                  Oh, and I hope your cat is settling in ok 🙂


                  1. Three, Six, and Nine!!! Wow, what a blessing (and handful I’m sure). That’s lovely Ishaiya.

                    Girls? Boys?

                    Hmmm, yes, I understand the difference that lays out before us – job vs. passion. Ugh.

                    I have a micro business where I read cards online (hated it). I can’t wait to end it, because with this you get alot of people who are basically love addicted without the ability to draw a line in the sand (or who even know there should be a when). There are those extraordinary souls who have learned a thing or two can apply wisdom, yet who need a little feedback but they are the minority.

                    Plus the money only sustains. It’s no where near what I could make if I was in the work force, which I now find myself over qualified in or aged out of.

                    (It’s all about the young college graduates these days it seems.)

                    Thanks for asking about the cat too. She’s warming…lolol. 🙂


                    1. Handful is right! But of course they are a blessing. My eldest is my daughter Grace, then the two boys Avery and Raef who is the youngest, and they couldn’t be more different if they tried! It gets a little chaotic at times especially when I’m trying to focus on work. But I realised after having my third child that if I didn’t start creating a little ‘me time’, then I was going to disappear into the mists of motherhood and I would forget how much I loved to write, or draw, or anything for that matter! 🙂

                      You say you have a micro business doing online readings? I used to do the same years ago, and it was pretty lucrative at the time, except as you say I would always get the same kind of client wanting the same kind of information without wanting to work it out for themselves. Not to mention the people that went out of the way to debunk what I was doing. I found it all too draining, and I had to stop. I haven’t done a reading since.

                      Instead I enrolled myself on a degree programme, which I’m still working through, so that I could utilise my language skills more as translation work pays very good money and it’s something I can do from home. I don’t have to compete with the college graduates as you say.

                      It’s tough I know, but you’ve got to follow your heart as best you can. And tell the universe it’s going to pay up! 😀 I’m still working on that one myself! lol

                      Take care for now
                      Ish x


                    2. LOL. I bet (handful). Lol. But you can handle it, I believe we get what we can in life. But I absolutely know what you mean about carving out some ‘me time.’

                      My mother was very careful to do that also at some point. But that’s very interesting, little boys and girls have such different energies. It really develops your spine and vision at the speed of light. Exhausting you at the same time…lol.

                      Oh that is great. Wow, you have three children, getting your degree and have a business. That is extraordinary. You must be amazing at time management. I would imagine you have to, become so. Ah yes, working from home is ideal.

                      I’m pretty thankful I have the opportunity to – as grueling as it can get. It won’t be forever.

                      Oh yes, we have to go for what truly calls us (staying in the sphere of the draining can damage you if you allow that for too long).

                      You’re very talented, wondering if you see these traits (writing, music, art ability) in your kids yet.



                    3. Yeah, not so great at the time management! lol My business has taken a back seat to the writing because it’s not making me any money, selling online doesn’t seem to be the right market for what I make. Time is a restriction, so I’m taking a hint and doing something different. I’ve also taken a break from study, but I will have to start again next year if I want to qualify.

                      I always say I have many interests because I have a short attention span! My daughter is very artistic, comes very naturally to her, she like to write too. My sons, well it’s hard to say yet. Avery my six year old is probably going to be the linguist, he has a very academic brain and is about a year ahead at school. My youngest has amazing hand-to-eye coordination, he can work puzzles, locks, mechanisms out just by looking at them for a few moments – he just sees how things work – so I have to lock all the street doors! Their father is very artistically creative too, so I guess my kids are constantly surrounded by it.



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