El Alcazaba, Almeria
El Alcazaba, Almeria, Spain

This image to me is the encapsulation of escape. This old moorish castle in the town of Almeria, Spain was mine and my brother’s playground when we were very young children before it became a tourist attraction and you could still explore the turrets and dungeons and the grounds without a soul in sight. It was a time of my life full of happy memories. This was the first time that my brother and I had returned together to our old haunt in over 30 years. My brother is to the right, I’m behind the camera taking the picture, and in the background are my own children playing. It gives me an amazing sense of having gone full circle when I look at this image and it brings me to tears.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape – My childhood playground

  1. I bet it holds many happy, exciting memories. It is good to revisit the places that gave us an amazing childhood. I help us remember the moments that inspired us and help us make those dreams we are now partly living.


    1. I didn’t realise quite how powerful an image it was for me until I was looking through my photo library for this weeks photo challenge. When I took the picture a year ago I was caught up being mum to my three children and trying not to get blown away by the hurricane-strength winds that day. When I looked at the photo last night I was the little girl who used to love playing in that fabulous castle, the stuff of my dreams and it hit me as if the strong wind had gusted through the image and caught me off guard. It was a very emotional moment, and although it perhaps isn’t the most artistic of photographs for a photo challenge, I couldn’t have chosen a better image to embody the meaning of ‘escape’. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts on this particular image, it really does mean a lot to me. Blessings,
      Maria a.k.a. Ishaiya


  2. There’s something interesting about his body positioning, even though I know it’s just to capture a photo. It’s all pomp and toreador. Very cool photo, especially with Number 1 and Number 2 running around in the background.


    1. Yes, it was quite an adventure. Me and brother would first scale the huge boulders at the foot of the castle keep, avoiding being stuck by the many pear-cacti that were growing wild in the cracks. Then we would wind our way up through the majestic moorish arches and disappear into the grounds of the castle keep. The views were always something to savor as Moorish castles tend to be built on top of mountains, high above the surrounding town below.


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