The Gateway

Beyond the Gateway is a sunset.

Beyond the Gateway is a sunrise.

Beyond the Gateway is the ability

To perceive new things.

Stepping beyond that point is easy.

All you have got to do is imagine.

The Gateway is the doorway to your

Soul, and is past the avenue marked


A path you walk upon.

A path that leads to infinity.


6 thoughts on “The Gateway – (IntPoWriMo – Day 29)

        1. I didn’t think the universe was infinite anymore according to recent findings by the children of the stars known as ‘The Astronomers’. This of course begs the question, ‘what lies beyond, and is that infinite instead?’


            1. Well, it certainly pulses just like atoms do. The squints have at least come that far. And why not if it is composed of atoms, and quarks, and whatever is smaller than a quark ( I think that’s where you find your infinity)? I personally don’t think it’s too illogical to assume that the body is a perfect model of the universe in terms of the laws of physics. You have atoms that are orbited by electrons, and clusters of atoms that perform certain functions that pulsate and spin much like galaxies in simple terms. Personally I believe you could learn more about the universe by studying the human body, rather than getting a crick in your neck from looking up all the time. Is the universe cyclical? I don’t think so.


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