only in Syria.. Time flies BACK like the wind

Originally posted on Levant woman:
Time flies like the wind, that’s what is written in the books. I think he who wrote these words is not alive by now otherwise he should take a look back at it. I will tell you why: here in Syria, a glance at the near future makes me think…

Love – (IntPoWriMo – Day 25)

Love Love is formed with Beautiful strides; With confidence and humility. Furnished with treasures Of the past, And whispers of future blessings. Faith is a preparation For oneness; That carries love Like an unborn child. In its reaches it strives To be whole; and to be held. A heart’s warm sentiments, Like a tear between […]

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Coffee at 1?

When someone I’ve known for a long time but have had a relatively loose acquaintance with tells me that, if they didn’t like me so much they would want to punch me in the face, I’m inclined to take that as a compliment strange as that may sound. In fact it made me laugh quite […]

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