Smithsonian Portrait Museum, Washington DC


I have awoken brimming full with thoughts of love for you;
Like Kundalini serpents they writhe around inside me,
Caressing my body awake with the surge of tidal swell.
I am filled with the warming touch of golden heat,
Breathed close against my prickling skin,
Electrifying sustenance to quell my appetite for your embrace;
Remembered in vivid hues and charged sensations;
Defining my inner beauty with your long broad strokes,
Piqued with sighs of ecstatic nuance
Stirred by the rhythm of your lion heart in union with my own.
Lifted high into tropical climes
Rich with the moisture of summer rain dripping from ripened fruit
Like whispered delicacies too rich for another’s tongue.


MPoWriMo Sticker

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