Misguided as I sometimes feel

I mean no harm to any soul. I mean only

To send good wishes, to stray only where my heart leads me,

Then to wend my way back to where home is.

If I should appear upon your step, bearing gifts in my two hands

Know that I do so because you called me forth

To tell you of your forgotten stories, your loves and losses,

And tales of beginnings with no endings.

If you usher me away, I will have said my piece,

Played my part like a brief whisper in your ear,

And a stirring within your heart, the murmur of a fleeting memory.

I have already known you too long to not know you as friend.

My love to you all


Ishaiya x



24 thoughts on “A Bed Time Story

  1. Now that is so beautifully written Ish. It touches the heart and soul and poetry like this is certainly a gift that no one can turn away. Thanks for sharing hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


        1. Like I was just saying to Sonel, animals and small children are the same, they both make you get up and do things at ridiculous times of the day!
          All I know is you were still all snug in your bed when I was up this morning. Is it getting any colder where you are? It’s quite hot where I am.


                1. You’re a hard man, personally I don’t like having cold feet. I will hold out as long as possible with wearing flip-flops, but there comes a point where blue feet stops being attractive :/


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