I pray for miracles

  I pray for miracles today, As tiredness grips my eyes. Leaning ever closer to change, In a way that I have not known before. This love I feel, tempestuous, raw; The most sublime, and sweetest taste, Pulling from inside of me, Filling every part of me. Adrenaline rush; mechanised fear, Excitement at the wheel, […]

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Dear God – MPoWriMo

  Dear God; dear Universe; dear Paradoxical Exigence of the Mind, I awake to the quarantine of the rain, spraying me like an infected bloom; my inner voice trying to cleanse me of the consternation that has clouded my internal skies for some time now; sparking storms and raging waves that crash against your distant […]

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Delineate this…

A life cannot be defined in linear terms, whether measured with a piece of string from A to B, or with words strung together in a pithy line, or one word statement. A life cannot be given value by words alone, or the ambient temperature that stirs the senses and the hormones that reveals an […]

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In a ‘Universe’ where everything exists simultaneously, doubt is what drives change and gives us the illusion of choice and of linear continuity, or ‘Time’. Because everything is simultaneous, nothing happens by accident.

Inspired by my very wise friend and fellow blogger Argus [a.k.a. The Dog] 🙂

The only person I’ve met in a very long while who thinks like me… and believe me that’s worth noting… it doesn’t happen often let me tell you! [Note to Dog: I know my comparing myself to you at all may rub your fur up the wrong way and may make your little paws a bit clammy, but you’ll get over it… because I am the O’Grumpy One and I say so]

Prayer to the Universe

Prayer to the Universe Re-ahib Shellalwar soqbet Ish’bar Seqqara melwat soneb Ha’ianu kin, Halleiwa Hormet akun shishak Hesh kunar Hesh aktum Seq’bar ellah set (Ancient Prakrit language. Phonetic transliteration)

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