A Collaboration of Minds

  The following is another quality piece I channelled last year from the inimitable Sidiris, that part of my consciousness that possesses far more clarity and determination than I usually have in my own dealings with the profane and the mundane. I’m posting this while waiting for layers of paint to dry (yes, I’m painting […]

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Staking your claim as an individual should not be an affirmation of isolation. The only danger to you in the world is you and your worst thoughts. You shield yourself not from outside dangers, but from the scope of your imagination and what you fear you might project, or create within yourself. Being in control of your thoughts and accepting them for what they are, then releasing them allows you to expand and grow in the way that you are meant to. Harbouring fear is where all the ‘trouble’ begins. Let it go, take a breath and move on.

Joseph 20:20:20

Misplaced Agendas

A man walks up to a street corner and sees a large monkey sat on top of a packing crate with an arrow pointing toward the ground, and large print along it when read upside down stating “THIS WAY UP”. The monkey is rather concentratedly examining its hand, picking away at something, though its facial […]

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Did I dream this day would ever come? The synchronicity of life in all it’s splendour. Like a great pinball machine one ping after another Of relevant, tangible occurrences that drive me to wakefulness And a feeling of pure joy and excited charge, Within my very core; an indelible smile across my face. Is my […]

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Playing Catch-up

There are a number of writing projects that I am working on currently, ever aiming to add new material to all of my blogs, as well as working on book material. I have been inspired recently by  comments people have made on various topics, possible subjects for a number of potential posts. Except what I’m […]

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