Lucy (2014) in the Sky with F***ING BRAIN DAMAGE!

Originally posted on This Blog Intentionally Blank:
This will be a short post (rant). I was flying to the UK in either December or February, when I was met by a promising movie, Lucy (2014) starring the great wooden cigar-store Indian actress Scarlett Johansson. I was a bit excited, as it promised to be Sci-fi,…

Misplaced Agendas

A man walks up to a street corner and sees a large monkey sat on top of a packing crate with an arrow pointing toward the ground, and large print along it when read upside down stating “THIS WAY UP”. The monkey is rather concentratedly examining its hand, picking away at something, though its facial […]

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How I Became a Not-Theist

When I was about fourteen, maybe fifteen I had probably the most important revelation of my entire life. I realised one sunny afternoon as I sat in my bedroom, probably writing in my treasured hand-made journal, that if I could conceive of an idea within the bounds of my imagination, then its actuality must also […]

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