Scratch n’sniff Icebergs

I’m re-posting this piece in light of an ensuing discussion about language that my previous post has sparked. I want to highlight that any notion of truth validated by linguistic exchange is vague at best and relies on mutual trust within a given social group, be they a body of scientists, or you and me […]

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The Death of Idealism

I cannot help the world, if it cannot help itself, When it takes offence at the most minor infraction, While murder is committed by the ton and for the betterment of all, While eyes are turned and guile is misdirected. Rigidity in thinking only makes hypocrites of us, Rendering us inept and incapable of being […]

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I think that people’s intelligence should be measured by degrees of gullibility rather than cognitive function. You would get a more accurate overview of trends in society and world events. I think it would reveal that self-preservation rates higher than common sense.

“IQ test to be replaced by the Haiku test; express in 11 syllables why you are incapable of seeing the bleeding obvious?”

In a ‘Universe’ where everything exists simultaneously, doubt is what drives change and gives us the illusion of choice and of linear continuity, or ‘Time’. Because everything is simultaneous, nothing happens by accident.

Inspired by my very wise friend and fellow blogger Argus [a.k.a. The Dog] 🙂

The only person I’ve met in a very long while who thinks like me… and believe me that’s worth noting… it doesn’t happen often let me tell you! [Note to Dog: I know my comparing myself to you at all may rub your fur up the wrong way and may make your little paws a bit clammy, but you’ll get over it… because I am the O’Grumpy One and I say so]

Playing Catch-up

There are a number of writing projects that I am working on currently, ever aiming to add new material to all of my blogs, as well as working on book material. I have been inspired recently by  comments people have made on various topics, possible subjects for a number of potential posts. Except what I’m […]

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