Lucy (2014) in the Sky with F***ING BRAIN DAMAGE!

Originally posted on This Blog Intentionally Blank:
This will be a short post (rant). I was flying to the UK in either December or February, when I was met by a promising movie, Lucy (2014) starring the great wooden cigar-store Indian actress Scarlett Johansson. I was a bit excited, as it promised to be Sci-fi,…

Nuffin but Muffins

Unfortunately the first half of the muffin couldn’t make it to the photo shoot. It was otherwise indisposed and had to take a detour. I decided to give my rambunctious neighbours the day off today and go out. I needed to run some errands, and as the sun was shining after yesterday’s deluge, I thought […]

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The Whistling Wind

9:16 am – Bedroom As the wind blows outside it is passing through something, the eaves of the house possibly, producing a sound like that of a child’s whistle. Though it lacks conviction as if said whistle were being blown by a toddler with little awareness of the power of its own lungs. It isn’t quite […]

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Sandpit Politics

You know, of late I am really fed up with talking to morons. People who refuse to see the wood for the trees, to accept a little responsibility for their ineptitude. This constant need some people seem to have to require evidence before they can allow themselves to engage fully with other people and life. […]

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