New York Subway

Originally posted on Phi:
New York City is my favourite place to shoot next to Venice, Italy. Like London people there are oblivious to the camera, being long used to tourism. It makes shooting street an enjoyable experience as you are relatively invisible. People in big cities are usually caught up in their own affairs,…


Life can be a stupidly peculiar old thing. It never ceases to surprise me. The assholes of the world are somehow absolved from time to time by a never ending streak of creativity that cracks at the air like a bull-whip when you least expect it, sending you either teetering on the brink of some […]

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Maz’s Truismsms

I don’t trust people in suits. Especially when they approach me or come to my door uninvited. As far as I’m concerned they either want to marry me, bury me, or con me. You see the way I look at it, if someone wants to impress me with their appearance by dressing smartly, then they […]

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Random Thoughts – May 30 2013

With the relaxed attitudes in society these days toward homosexuality, why is it that a person’s sexual preference is still a measure of who they are? Heterosexual people don’t come ‘out’, so why should you if you are gay? What confounds me is why it’s anyone’s business what your sexual leanings or preferences are, and […]

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Coffee at 1?

When someone I’ve known for a long time but have had a relatively loose acquaintance with tells me that, if they didn’t like me so much they would want to punch me in the face, I’m inclined to take that as a compliment strange as that may sound. In fact it made me laugh quite […]

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A Regular Afternoon

It’s misty outside. At last it feels as though spring has finally hit our shores, with the cold bite in the air now almost gone. For now at least. My three children are shouting at each other in protest, but I have not the will at the moment to tell them to stop for the […]

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