Dog in a Bag

  Forgive me if I’ve posted this handsome wee pup somewhere before, but she makes me laugh every time I see her bug-eyed little face in this shot I very serendipitously managed to snap a couple of years ago. She and her owners live just across the street, so I often see her being toted […]

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In a ‘Universe’ where everything exists simultaneously, doubt is what drives change and gives us the illusion of choice and of linear continuity, or ‘Time’. Because everything is simultaneous, nothing happens by accident.

Inspired by my very wise friend and fellow blogger Argus [a.k.a. The Dog] 🙂

The only person I’ve met in a very long while who thinks like me… and believe me that’s worth noting… it doesn’t happen often let me tell you! [Note to Dog: I know my comparing myself to you at all may rub your fur up the wrong way and may make your little paws a bit clammy, but you’ll get over it… because I am the O’Grumpy One and I say so]