A Year of Art

I suppose I’ve had a fairly prolific year when it comes to painting. We’re almost at the end of 2019, and despite having six paintings in various stages of completion, I have managed to produce fifteen finished pieces this year. Six watercolours and nine oil paintings, not including the flurry of smaller watercolour sketches I’ve […]

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Painting With Butter – The Christian Jequel Technique

I really do enjoy watching this guy paint. His technique is like painting with coloured butter, using only a palette knife and thick paint, and sometimes a finger to sketch out and block in his subjects. Lots of fun. The result is just brilliant, I think, and gives me much food for thought. Although now I’m hankering for some hot buttered toast and tea…

If you do get a chance to watch some of his other painting videos I think you’ll pleasantly entertained. I love his free use of colour in particular.

I’ve been letting my own painterly work dry a little this past weekend, but back to it tomorrow.


  I am restless, Unable to think straight, Or quantify my emotional output. My head is full of glass, Or buds of cotton; Unsure of the viscosity of life To which it should align. What frequency to tune into Without those neural connections To illuminate a path with their neon certainty.   Streaks of yellow […]

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I thought I would introduce you all to my family, and of course show off what I’ve been doing with my new Fujifilm X100S camera. This likely looking bunch are my kiddies, can you spot the odd one out? No? Me neither, as the youngest two are much the same in nature, and subsequently get […]

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My Purple Orange in B flat

I’m really blown away by the response I’ve had today to launching this new blog, thank you all of you who are brave enough to follow me down what might possibly be a slippery path! It sort of feels liberating to be my normal humorous yet deep thinking self, the two mindsets I find work […]

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