Staking your claim as an individual should not be an affirmation of isolation. The only danger to you in the world is you and your worst thoughts. You shield yourself not from outside dangers, but from the scope of your imagination and what you fear you might project, or create within yourself. Being in control of your thoughts and accepting them for what they are, then releasing them allows you to expand and grow in the way that you are meant to. Harbouring fear is where all the ‘trouble’ begins. Let it go, take a breath and move on.

Joseph 20:20:20

In a ‘Universe’ where everything exists simultaneously, doubt is what drives change and gives us the illusion of choice and of linear continuity, or ‘Time’. Because everything is simultaneous, nothing happens by accident.

Inspired by my very wise friend and fellow blogger Argus [a.k.a. The Dog] 🙂

The only person I’ve met in a very long while who thinks like me… and believe me that’s worth noting… it doesn’t happen often let me tell you! [Note to Dog: I know my comparing myself to you at all may rub your fur up the wrong way and may make your little paws a bit clammy, but you’ll get over it… because I am the O’Grumpy One and I say so]


It’s funny how you can come across a complete stranger, know them for all of a few seconds, but somehow they manage to unravel you, like a ball of thread that had been all knots and intricate patterns held together by something. Then all of a sudden that something disappears, somewhere I cannot see or […]

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Comfort is long gone, Only seeds of possibility Now remain. But not all seeds Find their destiny in growth Some serve as food For greedier mouths.

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Too much ‘ism’ in my schism

Sometimes being me is a chore. Having the abilities I have as an intuitive and empath weighs very heavily on me. It can be a very solitary pursuit when all around you don’t understand or can relate. From my experience meeting others like me is a rare occurrence indeed, and it tends to be brief […]

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