Dog in a Bag

  Forgive me if I’ve posted this handsome wee pup somewhere before, but she makes me laugh every time I see her bug-eyed little face in this shot I very serendipitously managed to snap a couple of years ago. She and her owners live just across the street, so I often see her being toted […]

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United Santa Association

…’cos we all know there is more than one of these fellows. Obviously caught in the off-season about to enjoy a little R&R perhaps, via the good graces of Amtrak as he’d just arrived at Washington DC’s Union Station. Bodyguard in tow – probably an elf – face obscured for security reasons, and dressed in […]

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High Fashion in Noir

Originally posted on Phi:
? It’s a personal challenge of mine to take an image and to try to find the art in it. Often I’m trying to recapture a sense of what I felt when I took the original shot, as well as trying to create something new and exciting. My objective through photography…