Sentinel’s Point – Digital Painting, 2020.

I’m getting the hang of this photo creator software, and have tweaked my own editing templates to achieve a more refined, photographic, though painterly effect on these atmospheric vistas. My latest efforts, examples of which I’m presenting here would indeed be worthy of Turner’s sensibilities, I’d like to think at least. It might be as close to creating a Turner as I might ever get. I have a lot to learn about recreating this level of detail and light in an analogue painting, though I’m going to try, and have been trying. Maybe I don’t need to if I can do it digitally. I doubt anyone in the art world would ever agree though.

This next one made me think of our dear friend Argus. Something about the terrain, I think.

Varga – Digital Painting, 2020.

This second one, so named after one of the planets in Bill’s Aligned Worlds Sci-Fi anthology. Very good reads, and a lot of fun. You can find him and his wonderful stories at:

This Blog Intentionally Blank

Here’s another dramatic, atmospheric scene for good measure… because you know how I do.

Tranquility – Digital Painting, 2020.

15 thoughts on “The Art of Escapism – Turner would be proud.

  1. I love it!
    I love ’em!!

    “Let those ears listen and hear, let those with eyes, see…”

    When I was but a pup I never thought overly much of Turner’s “Fighting Temeraire”. Later years I read more about it, how to see what the artist was saying … and fell in love.
    Same-same when as an adult I spent some time with the Ozzie navy; invited to a party in a guy’s home (he was at sea, on loan to Oz) and the Missus (her party for we expatriates) asked me about a painting on the wall. Modern rubbish, I didn’t like it—all squares and warms going into muted cooler colours, yeuch.

    End of the evening, smiling, she asked me again … and the painting suddenly made sense.
    It was a real eye-opener for me, a brief but powerful ‘art appreciation’ class in a matter of moments. I owe her …

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    1. Abstract expressionism has certainly grown on me over the years. I didn’t much like art I couldn’t identify when I was younger. But like you say, sensibilities are apt to change.

      On another note, I do miss your stories. It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you for your encouragement. 😊

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  2. So, I wonder, how many of the great ‘modernists’ were/are actually stoned when they create? (Some folks advocate ayahuasca and good lick to them, for myself these days it’s coffee only—I haven’t even had red wine in years)(never ‘gave it up (no need) just simply stopped doing it).

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    1. Probably most.

      I don’t partake of anything remotely hazardous to my health anymore. Like you, just coffee. I tried to quit that recently too, but with dire effect – a case of being stuck between a rock and a hard place with that one.

      Personally, I never needed that kind of mind altering stimulus to access the realms of my imagination – my brain is already wired differently enough. Too much going on inside my wee coconut as it is!

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      1. Coffee sometimes gets a totally undeserved bad press.
        And I did read some time ago that for many Americans it is their major source of antioxidants…

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