Caliphos Island in Mid Afternoon Light, Dital Painting, 2020.

Happy Monday…to all. It is Monday, right?

I don’t know. Every day merges into one. Besides, the day of the week has been irrelevant since I stepped into retirement some years back. Some things just stop being important, and it’s amazing just how quickly you let those things go. Including alarm clocks. Especially alarm clocks…

Khola Bluff, digital painting, 2020.

I know it’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., but the less we talk about that the better. Not because I’m thumbing my nose up at all the veterans who have given their lives in the name of patriotism, but because it’s usually an excuse for people to gather en-masse and party. Memorial Day sales abound, and usually, people have a day off work which usually means cookouts (BBQs in in English English), pool parties and so forth. And this year, very little has changed. The only thing that won’t be happening this year is the annual Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. So much for not making SARS Cov-2 endemic in this part of the world. Well done you free-spirited Westerners you! Give yourselves a pat on the back as you cough yourselves into oblivion.

Lighthouse at Corin’s Bay, digital painting, 2020.

What makes me happy right now (the pickings are slim) is creating these rather wonderful digital images, as peppers this very post. I’ve always been relatively good at observational art, but not so good with the more imaginative stuff. Sure, I can picture such fantasy locations and landscapes in my mind, but translating that into two dimensions with pencils and paint is something else entirely. I would like to learn though. These digital images are a bridge in between, however. The free tool I’ve been using is currently in development and is an experiment in the use of Artificial Intelligence. The software adapts and learns as you use it and ‘intuits’ what you wish to do with regards to creating landscapes. Bill discovered it and introduced me to it. Since then, I have have run with it. I’m learning what it can and can’t do and how to get around it’s very small file sizes and not-very-sharp resolution. I have tricks up my voluminous sleeve!

Mammoth Rock, digital painting, 2020.

If you fancy checking it out, here’s a link. It’s glitchy and a bit of a pain to use (takes a bit of learning), but you will be impressed with the results. At least in terms of the software’s ability to learn and interpret imagery. I shall keep using it as long as I can, even though I know at some point they’ll try to monetise it, once it gets up to speed.

NVidia Photo Creator

Of course, I won’t give away the tricks of my trade in telling you how exactly I create my artwork, although, like with all all my digital images there are often many hours of work and many pieces of software involved. It isn’t just one click of a button. Digital does not necessarily equal lazy nor easy – take note anti-tech heads!

Cornerstone Causeway, digital painting, 2020.

I had an odd request a couple of days ago asking if I could alter the colour of one of my digital paintings I currently have for sale in my shop. Of course I obliged as best I could, however, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. It’s true, that often I will create multiple versions of a digital painting, but there are many curtailing restrictions as to the results possible. It’s like telling Vincent Van Gogh that you’d like his sunflowers in a deeper yellow after he’s painted them. He probably would have given you the same puzzled look that crossed my own face, but being the artist he was he would have found a work-around and likely just painted another sunflower picture in a deeper yellow. Artists in my experience do like a challenge. This one does, at least (pointing at self). And these digital paintings are definitely challenging, but with worthy results, I think anyway.

Heart Rock Bay, digital painting, 2020.

Here’s a link to my Etsy Shop, just in case you were interested.

6 thoughts on “Winging it. And some more art.

  1. Love it, our Bess~! Especially Heart Rock Bay … rings bells in the back of my mind, I’be been places similar but never so dramatic. Brrrr … it would make a good focal point for a free-flow meditation.

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