Watercolour and Gouache on Hot Press Cotton Rag, 12×16 inches, 2020.

The pigeon is done. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet as I’ve already spent too many days looking at it. I get like this with all my paintings. Usually an extended break seems to reset my attitude. Painting requires huge amounts of focus. After a while I go a bit paint-blind and I can no longer be objective about what I’m doing. I found that taking snapshots on my phone as I progress through the piece helps me visualise it better, as I’m seeing it in a much smaller dimension and so get a better overview of composition and colour. It’s all too easy to overwork a piece of art without frequent breaks to assess progress.
I guess at some point I’ll get my head around trying to do a time-lapse video of one of my paintings.

I spend most of my waking hours creating art, pretty much. Whether it’s in digital or analogue format, sometimes combining both. I’m always looking for the next feel good art fix. My latest rush is coming from creating these digital land and seascapes that are purely a work of imagination and computer trickery. I have almost as much fun coming up with names for these places as I do actually creating them. Not sure what I’m going to do with them all, yet. But, here is another mood setter:

Digital Painting, 2020.

Sort of reminds of the South Downs in southern England.

6 thoughts on “Grumpy Pigeon – Water Media Painting

  1. Especially love the way you’ve captured that metallic sheen. And your landscape has an ambiguity I find very appealing … (again, now stop reading and get back to your brush~!)

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