Rock Head Cove – Digital painting, 2020, by Maria Jones-Phillips.

I’ve been playing with a new editing tool that allows me to generate these rather magnificent landscapes, sort of. There’s quite a lot of work involved in getting these images to look as they appear here, but, they are otherwise completely computer generated. There’s quite a lot of artistic freedom involved in the composition, and I have a fair few tricks and apps up my sleeve that allow me to create all sorts of wonderful effects. I’ve created quite a few of them now, which I shall be posting from time to time.

Work in progress. Watercolour.

Made a start on my pigeon too, today. After a couple of weeks of being poorly and not really having much energy for painting, I’m feeling a lot better today, though the going’s been slow. Lots to do yet.

Here’s another mood setter…

Elephant Island Before Sunrise, by Maria Jones-Phillips. Digital painting, 2020.

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