Who is this, Art? I don’t know, but he stops by everyday and bugs me until I do something creative. So much for social distancing, however!

Watercolour in progress – Have you ever noticed that pigeons always look really annoyed?

It turns out it requires quite a bit of physical energy to do analogue art, and although I’ve started a new watercolour painting, the subject: A disgruntled Floridian pigeon, will sadly have to wait due to my current illness. I have instead, turned my attentions to creating digital art once again. I have a collection of apps that will convert photos into all sorts of awesome art effects, as you may remember when I was creating my simulated oil paintings. I like to be very experimental in my artistic efforts, so I have a lot of fun combining all the different effects and seeing what I come up with.

All I’m required to do is sit and push a mouse around. Not quite as energetic as mixing paints and pushing a brush about – oddly enough, and therefore better suited to my current predicament, especially as workable results are more quickly produced.

You may or may not remember my having done a little series of simulated ripped paper art a while back. All the pieces were autobiographical in some way. I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz lately, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and the like, and so my work has been influenced thusly. Each piece is a reflection of the moment’s mood and historical events, and listed in order of completion. Click on the gallery below to view in better detail:

I love creating these weird and wonderful pieces. There will always be a place in my heart for abstraction – it pairs quite nicely with distraction.

6 thoughts on “There is always a time for art.

  1. All nice but I like Machinations best.

    Music is a wonderful source of inspiration.

    During the writing of one book I became almost addicted to The Picnic Suite by Claude Bolling. I have the album on vinyl ( scratches and crackles included!) and it was the first thing I listened to every morning while I wrote.
    I’m not sure who it drove more mad, me or the wife! Eventually I had to resort to headphones or run the risk of GBH!

    Hope you current ”predicament” sorts itself out ”toot sweet”

    Say Hi to Bill.


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    1. Thanks, Doug. We have scrabble for that inspiration wherever we can get it, right? Although, listening to Thelonius Monk certainly produces a certain tenor of art, especially because I grew up playing his music on the piano – he was a tricky fellow! It’s hard to paint a whole story with one image. 🙂

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  2. You play Scrabble? My own resident artist refuses to take me on, but she’s a demon at Yahtzee! I swear she’s in league with dark forces. In the meantime don’t just sit there, get well!

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      1. Fingers crossed, claws crossed, and even tied a knot in me tail … short of biting some innocent, that’s about all I can do; but if ever I win at The Game I’ll dedicate same to you. Boom boom!

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