Just finished this evening and still too wet to sign (the signature is digital at the mo). The fifth painting in my Sunflowers and Daisies series.

Daisies for Grace – Series: Sunflowers and Daisies No.5. Oil on canvas, 16×20 inches, 2020.

It’s always an odd feeling I have when I take a picture of a new painting in it’s very early stages. Not knowing exactly how it’s going to turn out, even though I might have an idea of what I’m aiming for. But, knowing that in a very short amount of time it will become a very familiar painting for the rest of my life. It’s kind of a big moment, the breadth of which doesn’t escape me, and I’m filled with an equal amount of apprehension as excitement. It’s like not being able to recall a really important memory. Oddly unnerving, if I’m honest. Somehow though, the painting emerges by whatever creative magic I tap into that instructs my body to produce the necessary paint-strokes, until the memory solidifies. Then it’s done, and I marvel at the familiarity of it all.

Someone commented the other day that I seem to paint a lot of flowers. Not compared to some artists like, Vincent Van Gogh and, Odilon Redon whose still-lifes and work in general just blows me away. It’s breathtaking. Redon in particular has been a favorite artist of mine for some years now. This evening I stumbled across a website that hosts all of his works. I highly recommend taking a look:


As an artist, you can never paint too many flowers, as far as I’m concerned. In lieu of not having a garden anymore where I can grow my own, I paint them instead. Also I get to paint vases that I would never be able to afford or indeed find in real life. Maybe someday I’ll be famous enough that people will want to make the vases in my paintings. I’ll dream on…!

Anyway. That’s enough for one day.


Alien Abduction - By Maria Jones-Phillips, 2020.
Alien Abduction – Pencil sketch digitised. 2020.

9 thoughts on “Daisies for Grace – Oil Painting

  1. This is a gorgeous painting. One of my favorites. As always, your paintings really blossom (pun intended) when you start doing the backgrounds. I studiously avoid watching you do them, because I love seeing how the work comes to life. This one especially, with the cross-hatched strokes on top and the warm hues bringing out the colors of the flowers, is magical.

    And I don’t think six is a lot of flower paintings. Six hundred is a lot. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful. I feel as though I can almost reach out and touch the daisies.
    I too hope you are famous one day. I wonder, however, if I could afford one of your paintings when that day arrives?

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