I’ve stopped worked on my highly detailed Venice painting with the fruit cart for now because I needed a break from it. Instead I’ve been focussing on doing more impressionistic work, if only to remind myself that there are other ways to paint than just with a tiny brush and rationed breath. It’s been a liberating experience, although the perfectionist in me doesn’t sit tight for long. I’ve completed four paintings, one portrait in graphite and started another painting yesterday.

For now, I’m just going to post the three paintings I did in succession of Burano, based on photos I took during my fifth and final visit to Venice and the islands within its laguna. It’s funny how it took me five visits before I properly explored very colourful Burano. Bill and I took oodles of pictures during our two visits to the island itself, back in 2016. Although, I’m only now getting around to exploring my archives for images to paint in good old fashioned analogue. I’ve done digital paintings aplenty of Venice in the last couple of years.

One thing I loved about Burano, and of course Venice in general were the architectural details, signs of wear and tear and signs of everyday life in general. There is always so much to marvel at. The following three paintings are done in watercolour, guache and ink on cold press heavy cotton rag. Click on the gallery for a closer look.

I’ve also been working on getting the above paintings ready for print in my Etsy shop. Not quite there yet, but there are plenty of other prints and products with my art on it available. Do pay me a visit if you have time at Etsy.com/Shop/LittleFriedaMouse.

I’m thinking of adding a line of coffee/tea mugs, though I’m not sure whether that’s just too tacky or not. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Watercolour – Burano In Detail

  1. Love your work; the bright cheery colours and the way everything comes together. And yes, that mug! Boom boom! (Definitely NOT ‘tacky’!)

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