Screenshot capture from Google search on my name. The two black and white ones are mine, as is the shot of the city buildings at the bottom left.

It’s funny what turns up when you do a search for your own name on the interwebs, or several user names in my case. Not one but at least two of my photos being used illicitly on the websites of others, replete with my own copyright notice no less. It’s an odd sense of honour and annoyance that I’m feeling, mixed with the futility of knowing there ain’t much I can do about it. Not least because one of those photos is of my lovely daughter Grace with a hand over her mouth which I took back in 2014. Ever so slightly irked.

As some of you may remember, those few precious souls who have stuck with me since my more prolific blogging days – some 8 years ago now (gawd) – I used to blog daily, several times a day in fact and was doggedly active here on Word Press. I juggled several blogs and blogged on a number of different subjects ranging from metaphysics to jewellery making, to poetry, politics and whatever else happened to inspire me.

It all changed though, as these things do. However, all these years later and what seems like a whole world away, I think it might just be time to return in a more regular fashion. Now that I’m trying to make my name as an artist and all. Maybe even post the odd photo or two, as I once used to. It’s a fine theory anyway, and I will try hard this time to stick to it. Motivation is thin on the ground these days given all that’s always going on, virus or no.

As far as the art goes, I have been relatively busy creating paintings since my last post here. I shall endeavour to do a post on my latest work in the next couple of days, and delight your eyeballs with some non-Corona related stuff, unless it happens to come with a lime…

For now though, stay well and keep safe.


16 thoughts on “Hide and Seek and a Return to Regular Blogging

      1. Some folks taking it all very seriously, others who should know better don’t—or, as a Conspiracy Theorist (1st Class with hons) … perhaps it’s because they know better that they don’t? Brrrr … quit whilst if not ahead at least I’m not too far behind (I think I just bit my own tail).

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        1. Personally, I’m not going to take the risk of finding out, Argus. Each to their own, but I still value my life, so I’m staying put and treating everyone like they are radioactive until it is truly safe to re-emerge into daylight.
          People are kind of one foot in and one foot out here. As you say, some are taking it very seriously, others not at all. Not spreading this virus is always going to be the best option, but that’s just my opinion. What do I know…?
          Had a few iffy symptoms earlier on in our quarantine, but thankfully nothing serious.


        1. Tranquil is good.

          We’ve now got into a routine here as we’ve been in self-quarantine since the end of February – of course way earlier than the rest of the U.S. We live in a highly populated area, so many things are very scarce, and risks are high. Otherwise, we’re good.

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