In case you’re wondering whether there is a bit of a theme emerging here with the special occasion flower paintings, you would be half right. It just so happens that I did both my sunflower painting and this latest one on Mother’s Day and my birthday, respectively, though not consciously planned.

Mother’s Day Flowers – Oil on canvas, 16×20, 2019.

A friend of Bill’s and mine caught sight of my sunflower painting in my studio and declared love at first sight. She loved it so much in fact, that she asked me if I would paint her one just like it. I said I would try. I then proceeded to get an array of ideas for possible paintings that evening, in a series of these still life flower paintings that would explore certain harmonious colour combinations. When I get ideas for paintings they tend to be very specific, coming to me with fairly complete instructions as to what colours to use, composition, technique and so forth. It’s just then a case of hoping that the rest of me is actually up to the job!

Paintings, once executed in the physical, waking world never quite turn out as first imagined, but I suppose art should evolve – hopefully…

Suffice to say, I decided to work on one of the number of paintings I imagined in this series. Another iteration of the sunflowers will likely have to join the queue. As it is, oil paintings take an awful long time to dry. And once dry, they need to be varnished in order to preserve both colour and paint. It takes about a year before you can safely allow a painting to find a new home. Our friend was made aware of this, and she seemed willing still. Brave soul…

This, like the sunflower painting was produced over the course of two days – relatively quick in oil painting terms. The objective has been spontaneity, but mostly a keen observation of form and colour harmony. As ever I tend to snap photos as I reach various stages – it’s a good way of assessing how not to do a painting. Sometimes I prefer intermediate versions more than the finished product.

I did like the floaty flower stage. Likely I would approach this painting slightly differently if I were to reproduce it. This series also celebrates various forms of Asteraceae, more commonly known as daisies, of course, of which sunflowers and calendulas are members. All forms of daisy occupy the same spot as poppies and roses for me in terms of beloved flowers, so of course I can’t help but include them in most of my creative endeavours. I designed some jewellery some years ago that I had for sale in my first Etsy shop. As you can see, there is most definitely a stylistic theme that I keep coming back to:

In fact, I’d forgotten about these. They never did sell.

What next? Well, there’s a painting with pink Asters waiting in the wings, along with three abstracts that I keep intending to paint. Maybe today will be that day!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Flowers – Calendulas in a Vase

  1. Us Leos love warm colours and in season my own garden is host to all the calendulae that survive my ministrations.
    Both the blue and the red containers suit your subject wonderfully. Gorgeous~!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is quite true about warm colours and Leos. Your garden sounds lovely.

      I’m glad you like the paintings. I’ve literally just finished another in the series. I’ll post it as soon as I can see it in the light of day. Next, that poppy painting I’ve been planning on doing! 🙂

      Not sure when you’re birthday is, but I’m guessing it must be soon being that you’re a Leo, so, happy birthday for whenever the fateful day falls! There’s a lot of us around these parts!


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