Il Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy – Digital Painting, 2018. Unframed and framed prints available at my Etsy shop: Little Frieda Mouse. Follow the link in the post.

Finally, I have bitten the bullet, taken the bull by its horns, and accepted the challenge of once again, attempting to sell my art online!

It may turn out to be a fruitless venture as typically it can take up to a couple of years before anyone even notices that one is present. However, owing to almost zero popular demand, I have made the leap to actually make available prints of both my digital and analogue artwork. Follow the link below and you shall be transported thusly:

Little Frieda Mouse

I have an array of products featuring my lovely fine art prints as created in partnership with a reputable third party drop-shipper by the name of, Printful. They will package and ship worldwide too, without my having to lift a finger. I am very happy with my samples too, so I can attest to their quality of printing and service – it really is fantastic. Plus, I am offering a whopping 30% off first orders over $40 for the duration of the summer – please check out my shop listings for further details.

Of course, my shop is still a work in progress and so far, I have been working hard at it. I had forgotten what it was like to work full-time. In and out of retirement as I currently am, I’m still working hard to supply my shop with as many of my more popular prints as I am able. And, as always, I am open to requests, should anyone have any. If you see an image you like here or on one of my many online platforms and feel inclined to own your very own archival quality original print, then do get in contact, either by message here or through my shop. Even if a particular work of art isn’t yet available in my Etsy shop, I can certainly make it so.

I am also currently available on the following platforms:

Instagram: @Frieda_Mouse, @Phi_Street and @Phi_Nature

Twitter: @MsFriedaK1

You may also email me directly with your art related inquiries:

Yep, I even sell flip-flops!

As ever, I am working on paintings in between developing my online business presence. I am currently working on three canvases, each in various stages of non-completion (lots to do yet). I will provide you with an update on at least two of them (the more complete incomplete ones) when I can find a moment to snap some pictures. I also have an idea for an abstract painting inspired by yesterday evening’s drive home from the local food store, so I may possibly work on that too. Watch this space, as they say!

Wishing everyone a most marvellous start to the week!

6 thoughts on “All About My New Shop: Little Frieda Mouse

  1. Excellent! The flip-flops are superb, and you could really approach Havaianas about doing/selling some designs. They’re mad for designs. Go into a Havaianas shop here and it’s like an art gallery.

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  2. Here’s hoping for all the very best~!
    Now listen to what JZ says —and do it.

    Even the very best product won’t sell itself — it has to be put out in front of the herds before they can appreciate it. (And at times you’ll feel like shoving it right up their Philistine snouts— )

    Go get’em, Tiger!

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