Before you get too excited this is not going to be a deeply philosophical post on the subject of Zen and art. Apparently the concept of Zen says we should all be ok without the prerequisite waffle that often accompanies art. Frankly, my own opinion has always been that if something appeals to me then it can be considered art. After all, art only really becomes art when other people decide a piece of your work is worthy of that accolade. As an artist then, I await with bated breath and fingers crossed that others, you, will appreciate my efforts to bring a little bit of joy and beauty to the world. I’m hastening a guess that’s all Mr. Van Gogh wanted to do, that and earn himself a bit of ready cash for all that yellow paint he needed.

After honouring my poppies from my previous post, I felt it only reasonable that I attempt my own inky interpretations of some poppies for my lovely friend Argus who happens to share both my passion for art and poppies. I did tell him I would have a go at painting with inks for the first time, and so I did. I can’t say I produced these in as few strokes of the brush as possible, but there was definitely plenty of Zen involved. Spontaneity being the name of the game!

These are presented in order of progression.

I also did a few digital versions of these too. It’s always fun to create more art out of existing art. In keeping with our Japanese theme, I applied a Japanese Woodblock Printing filter to these.

I have a poppy painting formulating in my consciousness at the moment. I’ve collected some reference materials and have a basic colour palette in mind, however I’m off to the U.K. in a couple of days so it’ll have to keep. Meanwhile, I’ll be practicing drawing various flowers, poppies included, in readiness for my return to the easel in June.



6 thoughts on “Inky Poppies – The Zen of Art

  1. Excuses, excuses … they have poppies in the UK too, you know!

    I’ll have a poke about in the ol’ photo bin, see if I can find some poppies for you—been a terrible dearth thereof in all the usual places here lately.

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    1. I’m looking forward to seeing some when I go back. We don’t get any around here where we live, not growing wild anyway.

      I shall be keeping my eyes peeled and camera ready when back on the south coast. And yes, any pics you can find in your archives would be marvellous snd greatly appreciated. 🙂 I’m guessing there might be a couple of poppy paintings at least.

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