I’ve managed to do a bit more work on this painting today. The digitally painted version below is what I’m aiming for,  or thereabouts.

So far, I’m relatively happy with the colours and the style. I’ve done about as much as I possibly can in one sitting working Alla Prima (wet on wet), without interfering too much with the colours and effects that I’ve created. However, it’s time to let this layer of paint dry before I add final details to the trees and the church building. Once that part is complete, then I can begin work on the foreground and the lovely meadow grasses and flowers.


Oil on Canvas – Mid Project.

It hasn’t got the softness that I would like just yet. I’ll have to work out how exactly I’m going to achieve that in terms of brush technique. Employing a fan brush for the job might be the answer.

I bought myself a new paint palette the other week. It’s supposed to be made of a special kind of plastic that allows both oil and acrylic paint to be peeled off. One of my pet peeves is having to clean my palette, especially as one normally has to use solvents in order to do so. I’m yet to be convinced that this is a better option. It still seems to require some kind of scraping tool to remove the dried paint. I was hoping to reduce clean-up time considerably. A disposable palette might have to be the answer if cleaning this new palette proves to be a laborious process.

I suppose I’ll get back to working on the other canvas while I wait for this one to dry. I might explore new ideas too. As always, watch this space.

Oh, before I forget, and as promised: Here is the original photo that I used as inspiration for this painting.


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