Once again I am up with the dawn – pretty much every day this past week. I haven’t really been right since me and Bill returned from across the pond. I do suffer quite a bit from jet-lag. The adjustment to the usual five hour time difference between the USA and the UK is significant (for another week it’s only four owing to daylight savings here in the USA having happened earlier than usual – or perhaps it’s later than usual in the UK?). Anyway, whatever.

With the early rising however, and a strong cup of hazelnut flavoured coffee, I have been perusing the archives and creating new and exciting digital paintings. I’m still doing the analogue stuff [see my last post].

The original photograph for this piece was a shot of the famous lighthouse at Beachy Head while I was doing my eight day trek along the South Downs Way back in August of 2009. It was an adventure. The lighthouse was barely visible that day through the dense fog that hugged the Seven Sisters like a not-very-warm blanket. It had followed howling winds and horizontal rain/mist earlier that morning as I navigated my way over all eight of the extremely steep Seven Sisters humps (somebody miscounted). The original image quality was a bit pants to be honest, but it has lent itself rather well to the process of being magically converted to a simulated oil on canvas. I can’t help thinking ‘ol JMW Turner would be proud. I can hear him smiling over my shoulder now, and cursing me for not having done this painting by traditional methods. For the record, abstract impressionism as an artistic effect is way harder to achieve than it looks, though it appeals to me greatly. I’d like to think I could recreate this one if I put my mind to it, but it does make me shudder a little to think of the enormity of such a challenge and is why I concur that Mr. Turner was indeed a very talented genius (neither state is necessarily synonymous).

I like how the sky and the sea kind of blend into one swirling mass in this particular rendition. I’d been toying with the idea of doing a much more conservative version on actual canvas, although I think I like this one better. If I can learn to paint like Mr. Turner, I’ll die happy.

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