Japanese wood block printing effect on burlap. Digital Art, 2019.

I do like to experiment with new styles in creating these digital paintings.

I did a few versions of the above the image which is based on a photo of the trees atop Cissbury Ring in West Sussex, England of some years back now.

Simulated Pastel on Paper, 2019.
Simulated Pastel on Paper, 2019.

For the past couple of days I’ve been working on correcting the layout sketch on the canvas I’ve been working on. I know I said in my previous post that I would work on a section at a time, and I sort of have. I got onto a bit of a roll and decided to tackle the whole barge and the tiles under the fruit cart. I still have details to correct on the fruit cart itself and I’ve yet to complete the bridge and the other side of the canal, but I also need to give my hand a rest – putting in that kind of detail is painful work (literally).

I’m much happier now that I’ve appeased the perfectionist in me, and that I’ve got a more solid sketch to work with. It’s genuinely put my observation skills to good use, though it’s extremely time consuming, and not my absolute favourite of things to do. Although, it is very satisfying once complete. There is a much greater sense of depth to the painting, I feel, now that you can see a lot more of the detail, and actually make out specific objects on that cluttered barge. The clutter was part of the appeal, however, in recreating this image. Observing all the different textures, lines and patterns of everyday life is something I find quite exciting.

My next task will be to begin painting the tiles, time permitting.

My progress thus far:

Much more detail added to the layout drawing.

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