Priorities – Series: Self Portrait, 2018.


After yesterday’s wee cerebral excursion into the meaning of art and whether to express one’s voice through the medium of mark-making or not, I gave it yet further thought but nevertheless decided to take action and at least channel all that pent up consternation into some more art.

I play with a number of different apps produced by a brilliant company called JixiPix Software. Their software packages aren’t cheap, although from time to time they do have great deals and sometimes have give-aways. They do however, produce high quality products that are relatively straightforward to use – you can be as lazy or as creative as you like, and the effects are just stunningly brilliant. Nearly all of my digital art is run through either one or various numbers of these apps to produce the finished piece, and takes me anything from a few hours work to a few days work. I only ever use my own material because I am a stickler for being original in what I produce. Nothing is derivative unless it derives from something I’ve produced previously or from that of my husband. I like it that way and, it circumvents any possible dispute that may arise about copyright infringement.

My latest favourite app from this company is called Photo Formation. It allows you to do a number of fun things to your images involving the illusion of creased, folded, crumpled, cut, and ripped paper. It’s great fun. I’m currently learning the ropes, but I have since produced a few pieces that were meant to be quick sketches, if you like, just capturing the sentiment of the day’s thoughts. I’m not sure I would ever do ripped paper art for real as it doesn’t really appeal to me too much. I realise I like the process of translating emotion and concept into artistic form, be it two or three dimensional, and the more intuitive and fluid it is, the happier I am. As you might guess then, I’m not a particular fan of observational drawing because it’s too laboured and not spontaneous enough for me – although I can do it (…sort of. Makes me sweat…). I do wish to improve upon my observational drawing skills, so I shall persevere. I’ve posted some examples in the galleries below along with yesterday’s simulated ripped paper sketches.

The style of the ripped paper art might be classed as neo-pop-expressionism or as naive, but that’s half the fun. It’s an indication of spontaneity and fun rather than a lack of artistic skill, and I was trying to capture the essence of the emotion I was feeling at the time without giving too much thought to process. I know it’s not to everybody’s taste, but I don’t really care. 🙂

Click on the galleries below to enlarge images:

My aim is to being ‘doing’ art every day if possible, in whatever form that might be. I did get a quote from a printing company a while back and I set up a new online shop through Etsy in readiness for selling prints of my work – didn’t get much further than that though. As ever however, if you would like to purchase a print of anything you see here on my blog, send me a message or email me directly at and I’ll send you a quote. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Full Artistic Emersion

    1. I’m glad you picked up on that errant ‘i’. For the life of me I could not get the blasted software to work when it came to inserting that particular ‘i’ in the word. So, I gave up. I liked the irony however, of the figure at the cliff’s edge as being symbolic of the missing letter… but you got that, didn’t you? 🙂


          1. Subtle … ya gotta be subtle … and then no-one gets it at all, but you get the sneaky laugh. Boom boom!

            Failing that, coffee laced with Pussers Rum helps (all other brands aren’t) (rum) …

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